Make sense of all your financial data, in one place.

Empower your business with customized financial insights – Insight Analytics seamlessly integrates with leading bookkeeping software platforms such as QuickBooks and Sage, transforming raw data into powerful dashboards for informed decision-making.

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Insight Analytics Portfolio Dashboard

* Demo dashboards built using data from Sage. We support integrations with QuickBooks Online as well. Get in touch if you'd like to use an ERP not listed here.

Take control of your financial data.

Easy On-Boarding
We offer a seamless onboarding process that ensures you can quickly and effortlessly get started on our platform.
Simple to use Dashboards
Navigate your data effortlessly through user-friendly dashboards, providing an intuitive and straightforward interface for easy interaction and understanding.
Track your Key Metrics at a Glance
Stay informed at all times by easily monitoring and accessing your essential metrics, allowing you to make informed decisions with just a glance at your personalized dashboard.
Customized integrations
Our integrations with the most popular ERPs enables us to provide a unique and seamless experience for continuous data collection.
Enhanced Visuals to allow for faster data comprehension
Visualize your data in a way that accelerates understanding, with enhanced graphics and visuals that make complex information easily digestible for quicker decision-making.
Real Time Data
Stay ahead of the curve with real-time data updates, providing you with the latest insights and ensuring that you are always working with the most current information available.

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"I have been helping companies unlock the value of their data for years by creating stunning visuals, accurate metrics, and sleek user interfaces."

Eric Rasmussen
Co-Founder of Insight Analytics